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A Book to Make you Feel “Ahhh”

I never considered myself a romantic. I would choose peanut m&ms over flowers any day, and my man better not even think about rubbing my feet unless he wants to sing soprano for the rest of his life (if you know what I mean). I would rather have my tongue waxed than watch one of those movies on the Hallmark Channel. I don’t read romance novels, and I don’t particularly like mushy prose.

Then why do I have a blog about love and romance? Well, I am a romantic in training. I am particularly sensitive to men and women who spend their lives in selfless love and service to those around them. Maybe I’m not as romantic as I am old fashioned. It is one thing for my husband to tell me that I’m hot, but it is quite another to be told I am beautiful. I prefer beautiful.

Which is what brings me to the book. A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling somewhat blah and needed a pick me up. I was at a book club discussing various books with friends and started talking about how so many of the books published lately have been dark and desolate. I told some members of my book club that I needed to fill this void growing inside me with something fun and maybe, yes, romantic. One friend gave me the answer Edendbrooke.

I found vicarious enjoyment in this book. Certainly not the best written, but if you are a romantic, it may lighten your step.